Rich and poor

by Jim Goldberg


︎ Place: TPMM Georgia
︎ Exhibition:Rich and poor

︎ Photographer: Jim Goldberg
   For me, artists, authors, photographers who treat their work as scientific research are true geniuses.

Jim Goldberg is a famous American photographer from the prestigious Magnum publishing house. The series “Rich and Poor” was created by him from 1977 to 1985.

This is not just a series of photographs from different social strata and different levels of wealth, this is a real research work on the impact of material wealth on the level of human happiness. From the absolutely insecure and almost destitute to those born with a silver spoon in their mouth, everyone left notes on the photo about their understanding of happiness, about the feelings caused by these photographs, about their dreams and desires.

I will not talk about the conclusion that I made, this series of photographs is on the Jim Goldberg website and everyone can immerse themselves in reflection and answer these questions for themselves.

A separate pleasure is the design of the exhibition, in the building of the former Tbilisi printing house. Perfect light, high ceilings and real museum silence.