5 documentaries about photography.

Movies that open up new things for me in the world of photography and help me look at my life and work from a different angle.


︎ Love, Cecil 2017
︎ What remains 2005
︎ Contacts 1989-2008
︎ Prophet of the Avant-Garde 1997

︎ Finding Vivian Maier 2013

1. Love, Cecil. 2017

   To my shame, until this year I had not heard anything about this film, and even the name Cecil Beaton never came across my eyes. And, as it turned out, I have a lot to lose.

   Unique creative personality of the 20th century, photographer, artist, designer. A man who left behind a huge layer in the visual arts. From filming his family to filming stars of art, film and music, and even the royal family. 

     When viewing, the thought did not leave me - I wish I had such power of thought, energy and productivity. Winner of the Oscar and Tony Award for Best Costume Design, bold in creativity, impudent in communication, unhappy in his personal life - the authors were able to combine all of his diverse qualities into one film.

   I definitely recommend it for viewing, especially at a time when you need a new meaning and approach to creativity

2. What remains. 2005

   Sally Mann has always been the most mystical of photographers for me.

   Photos of her children taken on photographic plates, nature spreading over the plane of the picture, all this creates some kind of special other world with its own rules and visual context.

   In this movie, Sally opens the veil of mystery from her work, tells her principles, techniques, the film contains footage from her real shootings.

   The feeling that I went to visit this photographer, who has already become a classic.

The movie inspires and teaches to see the daily deep and important.

3. Contacts. 1989-2008

   I consider this series a special event in the world for a photographer. 33 episodes in two seasons about the most outstanding and innovative photographers of the 20th and 21th century.

   And I'm sure every photographer should watch it.

   Each series is a capacious and deep presentation of the next genius. Their principles, amazing incidents from their life and work, their views and principles.

   I binge-watched the series in one day and continue to re-watch its special moments from time to time.

   If you are looking for the meaning of your work as a photographer, then you are here!

4. Man Ray: Prophet of the Avant-Garde. 1997

   Another amazing series about creative geniuses "American Masters" and my favorite episode of it about photographer Man Ray.

   A contemporary of Picasso, Duchamp, Miró and Gertrude Stein. The progenitor of Dadaism and avant-garde photography. One of my favorite photographers of all time.

   This is an amazing personality, distinguished by courage in creativity and openness to everything incomprehensible and attractive. I am always amazed by the discoverers and experimenters.

   My personal love for Man Ray especially intensified after reading his autobiography “Self-portrait”, which I also recommend to read. I promise you will not remain indifferent.

5. Finding Vivian Maier. 2013

   A movie that I watched recently and I can't quite decide how I feel about it. It horrifies and surprises me at the same time.

   This documentary raises two questions for me : “Does a photographer need an audience?” and “Where is the line between obsession and genius?”.

   The film looks in one breath, like a detective investigation. Therefore, I will not spoil and leave you the opportunity to answer the question yourself.